The Copyright of all the images on this website is owned by Martine Hamilton Knight Photography, Built Vision and Nottingham Vision, in accordance with current UK copyright legislation. All infringements will be pursued. 

Licences – Non exclusive licences for original photographs are issued to our clients for them to use the images they have paid for in the uses they describe at the time of purchasing. 

Each licence is only applicable to the stated client and may not be sub-licensed.  No third party is permitted to use, copy or reproduce aims we have supplied or that they have found elsewhere on the web bearing our name without our permission.

Clients of Martine Hamilton Knight Photography, Builtvision and Nottingham Vision must not use images in a pornographic, defamatory, obscene or otherwise illegal manner, including but not limited to infringing any third party intellectual property or privacy rights, whether directly or in context or by juxtaposition with other materials. Note that reproduction of images by a third party with our permission will probably incur a fee which is subject to UK VAT. 

Licences may be issued with a time specific limit for use. All copies must be destroyed after expiration unless an extension is negotiated.

Releases – Please be aware that we will not have sought specific usage arrangements for images supplied to users of this library. Nottingham Vision gives no representations or warranties whatsoever to the existence of releases associated with images. Image users must satisfy themselves that all releases which may be required for reproduction of the image have been secured. Users are solely responsible for obtaining all such releases and the licence is conditional on these being obtained by users. 

Unless a written request is made to the contrary prior to a commission being undertaken, we reserve the right to hold all images from an original shoot as library stock and may, at our discretion, distribute them internally for editorial/advertising use. 

Terms of business – 30 days from date of invoice.

If you are unable to settle a dispute with Built Vision, you may also seek recourse through the EU’s online dispute resolution platform.

You can visit the platform at Please use as our contact address in the platform.