Built Vision FIlms

Builtvision Films

One of the developments in digital capture in the last few years has been the addition of the HD Video facility in DSLR cameras. They have been embraced by the film & TV industry for their ability to render images in a quality unseen via normal video sensors, but their main interest for architectural photography is the ability to finally be able to control perspective through moving pictures, something which was totally impossible previously.

As a consequence, Martine has joined forces with her broadcast cameraman husband Paul Mottram to create BuiltVision Films, a division of the business which produces short pieces about architecture revealed in motion.

We are all familiar with the CGI ‘fly through’ concept as a part of the planning process, but now we have the ability to capture the life of a completed project.

The average film is shot over two days on site, together with a couple of days of editing and can be funded in the same way as a conventional architectural shoot, with costs being shared between mulitple parties with a vested interest. 

Resulting films are 3-4 minutes in length, set to music with captions added where appropriate. Some clients like to have interviews with the architect and client, which form a spoken narrative for the piece. 

They are not ‘documentaries’ in the conventional sense, they are instead beautiful stills, set in motion.  Viewed via a computer, tablet or iphone either as standalone pieces or embedded in your website, these films are as indespensible for your portfolio as the stills which you have used for years.

See what we can do for you by watching films via our Vimeo channel